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Edema ~ Tuesday, September 12th

TeleClinic Lectures are scheduled every other Tuesday evening from 5:30-6:30 p.m. (PST).

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Free Teleclinics On Topics From The Shaklee Field

Free Teleclinics On Topics From The Shaklee Field

Although you may not live near Portland, Oregon, you can participate in the Tele-Clinic Lectures from the convenience of your phone, anywhere in the world.   We encourage you to look at the Tele-Clinic Lecture Schedule, noting topics of interest to you or someone you may know.

During this one hour call, Dr. Brouse will lecture on the evening’s topic for 15-30 minutes, then use the remaining time for discussion, questions and answers .  The topics are selected by individuals such as yourself and are developed around your interests and concerns.

Free to Shaklee community

– Dr Brouse owes his successful nutritional practice to his philosophy of patient centered health care which means that the individual is responsible for their health and that nature does the healing and health preservation.  Based on a team approach, Dr. Brouse has learned that most people need assistance in interpreting the earliest indicators of cellular nutrition imbalance.  The teleclinics are the result of Dr. Brouse’s belief that education and discussion in a group setting is a most enlightening experience for the doctor as well as the participant.  This service is free of charge as both the doctor and the participant gain knowledge.

40 years of clinical nutrition experience

– Dr. Brouse has consulted with and assisted nearly fifty thousand patients in his career based upon compiled research and scientific corollaries of human nutritional biochemistry.  From this perspective, the teleclinics offer participants an insight into the topic from a doctor who has used and recommended Shaklee products to all of his patients.

  • Biweekly – every two weeks
  • Topics from the field
  • Live participation
  • Question and answer format

Current health and nutrition topics

Audio available for playback until next teleclinic

Personal copy available for $10 plus S&H


If your Shaklee family or associates have a topic they would like discussed in a Tele-Clinic, please send the requests to Kathy

Audio CD’s

Audio CD Recordings from past Tele-Clinics are available to order.  Library & Tele-Clinic Order Form

To Enroll or order Audio CDs call Kathy at 503-631-4184 or email her at

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