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New Shaklee Sports Nutrition by Dr. Richard Brouse

Tele-Clinic Lectures   SSHC now live on ZOOM *Topic: New Shaklee Sports Nutrition Program *Time: Nov 21, 2017 5:30 PM Pacific Standard Time Download the Live ZOOM Video HERE “New Shaklee Sports Nutrition” Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android: https://zoom.us/j/9078851016  (Copy + Paste) Or.. iPhone one-tap : US: +14086380968,,9078851016#  or +16468769923,,9078851016# Or… Telephone: Dial…… US: +1 408 638 0968  […]

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Personal vs. Population Health; Is There A Difference?

Population health is a relatively new, rather fashionable term in the medical field.  The easiest way to explain Population health is that it deals with health from the collective perspective of a large group of people, not individuals.  The term population health has replaced “public health” since the later narrowly defines government outreach programs that address major […]

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Know your food origin and how far it has traveled to get to your table.

A Doctor’s First Endorsement Should Be Nutrition

Nutrition is Primary Care To ignore nutrition in any clinical situation is to miss the greatest opportunity for health recovery and prevention.   While the illness may not have originated from a nutrient deficiency, the road to recovery is definitely facilitated by optimizing the health of every cell through providing all nutrients in optimum quantities.  Dr. […]

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Young Athlete Nutrition Risks – This Is Important!

Sudden cardiac death (SCD) in an athlete is a relatively rare yet increasing tragedy that generates significant media attention and discussion among medical personnel, sports communities, and laypersons alike. The incidence of SCD is greater in young athletes compared with their non athletic counterparts due to the increased risk associated with strenuous exercise and subclinical […]

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Perbezaan Herb-Lax

Herbs – More Practical Than You Think

General differences are described between culinary herbs and medicinal herbs, however many herbalists agree that nutritious fruits and vegetables are health-promoting herbs. They are being recognized as offering specific benefits for specific ailments. By contrast, spices are chosen to add flavor and aroma to foods and are prepared from the seeds, berries, bark, roots or […]

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