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Skin – The Largest Organ In (On) The Body

As an embryo, we start out flat Formation of the primitive gut tube The gut tube is formed from folding the flat early embryo into an inside and outside. During folding, mesoderm on the inside is applied to the body wall to give rise to the peritoneum which supports the developing gut wall.  Specialized mesoderm is wraped around the […]

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Are The Wrong Microbes In Your Bowel Inciting Diabetes?

(NOTE: I am sorry this is a bit long but it puts a new paradigm in place regarding our bowel health.) Patients with type 1 diabetes exhibit inflammation in the digestive tract and gut bacteria in a pattern that differs from individuals who do not have diabetes or those who have celiac disease, according to […]

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Citriboost – An Amazing Unique Nutritional Supplement

Shaklee’s CitriBoost is a unique formula that provides 11 essential vitamins and ten minerals along with viable acidophillus probiotics and  inulin (a prebiotic) substance that feeds the healthy bacteria in the body’s intestinal system.  “When we starve our bacteria they eat us, they eat the mucus lining – the mucin in our large intestine.” Inulin […]

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