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The Most Variable of All Nutrients – The Increased Need For Shaklee B Complex

Although they are the most diverse group of biochemical nutrients; some are acids, some are alkaline and some are neutral, the proven bioavailability of Bs in Shaklee B Complex are amazing; Ease Stress Treat anxiety and depression Aid memory Relieve PMS Reduce heart-disease risk Maintains energy throughout the day Maintains healthy sperm and ova for fertility Shaklee […]

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There is no substitute for Vitamin S

Want More Energy? Are You Sleep Deprived?

Sleep disorders are among the most common causes of low energy, weakened immune system and ill health. A new study shows the connection between vitamin D blood levels and sleep apnea, the most common cause of poor sleep among adults.  Would you believe your neck size may be an indicator of both! Airway Blockage Obstructive sleep […]

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