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The Most Variable of All Nutrients – The Increased Need For Shaklee B Complex

Although they are the most diverse group of biochemical nutrients; some are acids, some are alkaline and some are neutral, the proven bioavailability of Bs in Shaklee B Complex are amazing; Ease Stress Treat anxiety and depression Aid memory Relieve PMS Reduce heart-disease risk Maintains energy throughout the day Maintains healthy sperm and ova for fertility Shaklee […]

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Man holding and drinking the post workout chocolate whey protein shake, isolated on white

The Health Giving Power of Dr. Shaklee’s Soy Protein

– Dr. Brouse Almost 80 years ago Dr. Shaklee took an interest in the soybean as a source of high quality protein for humans.  There were a few drawbacks.  It was known that exclusively feeding raw “jackbean meal” (as agricultural soy was then called) to birds  developed premature adult foliage.  Mice fed on raw soy meal had retarded […]

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