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Dr. Brouse and Conference Attendees

Dr. Brouse and Conference Attendees

Thank you for your interest in having Dr. Richard Brouse speak to the Shaklee Family in your area. We are encouraged to see Dr. Shaklee’s philosophy of “What you think, you are,” alive and well. The Shaklee Family has a great desire to constantly be learning to help themselves and others meet their highest potential. Genuine, vibrant health is our goal as students of Dr. Shaklee. This is why Dr. Brouse enjoys speaking to the Shaklee Family throughout the continent, and would count it an honor to speak in your area.

Included is some information that may be important as you plan a Shaklee seminar with Dr. Brouse:

Speaking Material: Dr. Brouse, an “eternal student”, is continually updating his understanding of health and nutrition. From his wealth of knowledge, he has created a number of 3-hour health lectures that you may be interested in incorporating into your seminar. Please go to the sunnysidehealthcenter.com website, Health Education, Sponsor a Seminar. The material for the seminars will be continually updated to accommodate recent nutritional research and current health interests. He will be happy to consider customizing the material for your particular interests.

Length, Location and Time of Seminar: An evening weekday seminar should be no longer than 2 hours, for consideration of those who work every day. A Saturday seminar of 3 hours is recommended, in order to have ample time for in-depth education and question time. Breaks (and possibly a meal) will need to be considered. Please give him uninterrupted blocks of time to speak.

Your choice of location depends on costs, seating capacity, a central location, ease to find it, and how close it is to the airport for the doctor’s arrival. Some other suggestions to look for a good location other than hotels are: churches, community centers, health clubs, shopping centers, senior centers, colleges, schools, and retreats. Before setting a date for the seminar, it is advised to confirm a location and investigate any other events scheduled for the same day that may limit attendance.

Seminar Flyer: We have created templates for a flyer where you will be able to easily include your important information, such as: date, time, place, contact person, and ticket admission information. These will be emailed to you, upon request.

Equipment Needed in Lecture Room: Dr. Brouse will bring his own laptop computer and projector if you do not have them available. The sponsor can coordinate with the room manager to have:

  • A podium large enough to hold the laptop
  • A large screen for all to view the Power Point presentation
  • A small table in front of the screen for the projector
  • A sound system with a microphone
  • Extension cords for the electronic equipment
  • A glass of water with Performance at the podium for Dr. Brouse
  • A 6 ft. table in the back of the room for educational materials.
  • An Education Material Table helper will be needed. We would appreciate contact information of the helper to include: name, phone numbers and an email address so we can communicate specific detailed information about the materials.


  • General Seminar – Dr. Brouse’s honorarium is $500
  • Optional seminars to expand your event – Dr. Brouse’s honorarium is $300 each
  • Jennie Brouse will travel with Dr. Brouse per sponsor request
  • Lodging, meals, travel costs (1 or 2 people)
  • The airline reservation, a copy of the flyer, and the signed “Sponsor’s Terms and Conditions” with a 40% honorarium deposit (made out to Dr. Richard Brouse) are to be sent to Sunnyside Health Center at least a month before the lecture.
  • The remainder of the honorarium is to be delivered to Dr. Brouse when he arrives for the lecture.
  • When the Brouse’s travel by car the rate is $.55 per mile.

SPONSOR CONTRACT: Download and print

Optional Build A Better You Workshop:

When there are eight or more Shaklee members in your area who are interested in knowing how to improve their own health, the Build A Better You Workshop may be of benefit. Our staff will need a list of interested people no later than one month before the workshop. At a determined time, at least two weeks, before the seminar time, these individuals will return:

  1. A 7-day diet
  2. Lifestyle symptoms questionnaire
  3. A current supplement list to Sunnyside Health Center
  4. An extensive health panel obtained from a blood and urine sample will be completed and sent to Sunnyside Health Center from the LabCorp stations in the participant’s area.

From these 4 pieces of information, a customized health report will recommend lifestyle changes including diet, exercise, stress control, and Shaklee supplementation. When Dr. Brouse arrives in your area, at a pre-arranged two-hour group workshop, the participants will receive their reports and Dr. Brouse will go over the reports in a group setting. An individual 30-minute private telephone-report consult and 15-minute one-month consult will be scheduled for each participant once Dr. Brouse has returned to Oregon.

Please call our office (503-631-4184) for more detailed information specific to your area. For more detailed information on the Build A Better You Report—Click Here.

Optional Professional Lecture:

You may have many health professionals, such as chiropractors, dentists, physicians, massage therapists, nutritionists, naturopaths, nurses, and other healthcare providers who would be interested in knowing more about Shaklee and its quality products, research, and benefits to patients. Dr. Brouse will customize a 2-hour lecture to address topics of interest to these professionals.



Healthfully Yours,

Jennie Brouse




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