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Zinc – The Often Overlooked Cofactor

Zinc, a transational metal similar to iron, is an essential trace element. It is needed in small amounts every day in order to maintain cellular health.  Zinc benefits the body as a cofactor (on-off switch) in over 300 enzyme systems and is present in over 3,000 proteins.  Zinc modulates  hormone production and function, fertility, growth […]

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Genes, Lifestyle and Chance – Success or Failure!

Family studies demonstrated that about 25 % of the variation in human longevity is due to genetic factors. The search for genetic and molecular basis of aging has led to the identification of genes correlated with the maintenance of the cell as Dr. Shaklee said.   Its the basic metabolism which is the main genetic factor […]

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Stay Healthy – “Avoid Hospitals” New Harvard Study Says

Startling Statistics Researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health published stunning quality and safety data recently for hospitals around the globe in the British Journal of Medicine. In high income countries such as the United States, the rate of a serious adverse event from the care provided at the hospital is 14 percent, mostly […]

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Having Problems with Weight Lose?

Are you one who has tried weight management and failed? Is there some underlying metabolic road block keeping you from shaping up? Did you know that there are biochemical checks and balances that may be keeping you from reaching your weight loss goals? If you have any of these we have some good news for […]

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Teleclinic -GOT GAS? – You Are Only As Healthy As Your Bowel

Joshua Lederberg coined the term, emphasizing the importance of microorganisms inhabiting the human body in health and disease. Many scientific articles distinguish microbiome and microbiota to describe either the collective genomes of the microorganisms that reside in an environmental niche or the microorganisms themselves, respectively. However, by the original definitions these terms are largely synonymous. We Are Only 10% […]

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Doctor – Is It Teacher or Healer?

Dr. Shaklee Quotes The days of waiting to see a doctor for our complaints is changing into seeing a doctor to teach us how to stay well.  Dr. Shaklee stated it perfectly. “You can shirk your duty to your tissue cells and supply them with second-class body building material.  If you do, you will be […]

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Join Us At “Coffee Talk” – A Mid-Week Health Recharge

  Do you sometimes feel you’d like to get out of the rut, out of the “business as usual” and inject a little more fun into the work you’re doing? In Wednesday morning Facebook LIVE this series, Dr. Brouse lays out simple and fast ways to do things a little differently and have a little […]

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Bladder Health Is A Vital Concern

Making some simple lifestyle changes‚ such as swapping potentially troublesome foods for more healthful items, can help you alleviate overactive bladder symptoms, according to Karen Sebastian, M.S.P.T., a physical therapist in Honolulu, HI, and producer of The Bladder Cure, an exercise and education DVD for people with bladder problems.  Are You Afraid To Laugh Or […]

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Personal vs. Population Health; Is There A Difference?

Population health is a relatively new, rather fashionable term in the medical field.  The easiest way to explain Population health is that it deals with health from the collective perspective of a large group of people, not individuals.  The term population health has replaced “public health” since the later narrowly defines government outreach programs that address major […]

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