Build A Better You—8th Edition

Continuing Education for the Wise Use of Nutritional Supplementations


Continuing Education for the Wise Use of Nutritional Supplementations

Your health status is the result of genetics, diet, accidents, stress and pollution-and most of all, your lifestyle. The information contained in this book is not designed to treat disease nor cure any illness, but rather to help you learn how disease may originate from nutritional deficiencies. As in other disciplines, prevention is wiser than treatment and less costly in most cases. We do not guarantee any particular health benefit beyond that of better health awareness. By learning to listen to your body more precisely, you are taking responsibility for your own health.

A bit about your genetics: Scientists have completed mapping the human genome and we know the precise position of over 8,ooo genes that trigger disease. New research is discovering how lifestyle and environmental factors switch genes which are activated at any one time. We theorize that only 5% of our genes are turned on at any one time at the chromosomal level. When cellular stress from pollution, drugs, infections, the aging process. nutrient deficiencies, caloric excess and lack of sleep accumulates, repair genes are activated to make inflammatory enzymes and put “yellow tape” around the affected tissue. These warning signs can lead to tissue, organ and system degradation as symptoms progress.

The recommendations in this book are the activities a doctor expects you to be doing on your own. The information you obtain will help you and your doctor learn how to be more responsive to your unique biochemical needs. It is our hope that this information will start t0 Build A Better You today.

Image result for shaklee performance vs gatoradeThis country’s “disease care” system is totally geared toward “damage control” by treating these symptoms with drugs. The drugs focus upon alleviating symptoms and “managing” the diagnosis that also was based upon symptoms. This book, along with your scheduled regular biochemical testing, is designed to deal with the cellular cause of disease due to inadequate building blocks and energy production sufficient for cellular health. Using scientifically proven products since 1977 in my clinical practice, I have come to expect results when wise commitment to vitalizing the “life force” is maintained. Dr. Shaklee clearly illustrated this in his “A Study Course in Nutrition” over one half century ago. I hope your journey into restoring and maintaining vibrant health brings you deep and lasting health and happiness.

BUILD A BETTER YOU—with Shaklee Life Plan Update
Dr. Richard. Brouse

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