Build A Better You Wellness Evaluation (BABY)

One in three Americans will develop cancer in their lifetime; one in four Americans will die from heart disease before their time…One in nine school aged children has nutrition related learning difficulties.

The Build a Better You Wellness Evaluation (BABY) has been developed and used since 1979 to help patients understand their biochemical strengths and weaknesses.  It recommends Shaklee supplements which have the highest standard in the nutritional industry based upon measured biochemical need.  Since most of our patients are already using Shaklee supplements, the BABY program measures your current nutritional status and makes any suggestions to optimize your nutritional possibilities. With a comprehensive evaluation of your blood and urine profile, diet, and lifestyle symptoms, a report will be produced giving personalized recommendations. Dr. Brouse and his staff are available to answer any questions or concerns at any time during the program development and implementation process. IF yours is a follow up evaluation,  retesting will measure improvements and help fine-tune your health program. This is what is called recursive and progressive optimization of health.  Dr. Brouse may include recommendations for specific specialty testing and educational materials along with diet, exercise and stress management.

Take time to ask yourself these questions:

  • Will your current health insurance keep you healthy or only pay for the treatment of a disease once it has advanced?
  • Do you want to wait until a diagnosis is made of heart disease, cancer, arthritis or some other preventable illness before you get involved with your health?
  • Would you like to begin a journey of self discovery and learn how you are designed to eat and which nutritional supplements and how much are right for you?
  • Are you confused by the ever-changing information in popular magazines and newspapers of what to eat and what not to eat to stay healthy?
  • Are you sure that your diet provides you with all known (and unknown) nutrients essential for your health?
  • Do you suspect that you are taking too much of the 103 essential vitamins, minerals or fatty acids and not enough of another?
  • Would you like an objective analysis of your health status using standard nutritional blood and urine tests?
  • Would you like a written explanation, in “English”, of the meaning of the high or low values in your lab tests?
  • Would you like to maximize your wellness which may automatically prevent many diseases?

Learn the facts

For many people, diet and vitamin supplements is a matter of guesswork.  You may have heard that a particular nutritional product helps a certain health condition.  Usually the advice has some amount of science behind it, sometimes it does not.  While you might take one nutrient to improve a condition, a dozen or more nutrients within your body are either going up or down as the body adapts to the change.

Annual retesting benefits

The Build A Better You Program offers a comprehensive evaluation of your individual needs, makes specific suggestions and then is able to measure the improvement through retesting in 3, 6, 9 & 12 month intervals as recommended by Dr. Brouse, at a discounted price, until you are satisfied with your understanding and results. After you have reached your health objectives, it is recommended that you consider retesting around your birthday.  Annual retesting has several benefits:

  • You can fine tune your health before a problem has a chance to develop.
  • You are more aware of the status of your health and can make better choices.
  • You are considered to be on a “current program” and can participate in the 3 minute hotline two times a week with Dr. Brouse, Tuesdays and Thursdays, 8:00 AM to 9:30 AM for your quick questions and concerns that come up as you make changes in your diet, lifestyle, and supplementation.

The Build A Better You Program includes:

  • Fasting Laboratory Health Panel
  • 7-Day Diet Summary Analysis
  • Lifestyle & Symptom Questionnaire
  • MetSys Report   
  • Lab interpretation CD
  • 30 Minute Report Consult
  • 15 Minute One-Month Consult
  • Recommended Supplements
  • Lab Interpretation by Dr. Brouse
  • 10-minute consultation on the month of your birthday

When paperwork from you and test results from LabCorp are received, we will generate your Build A Better You MetSys Report.  We will then mail your report & CD to you.  Upon receipt of your report, listen to the CD & follow along in the report noting your questions and concerns.  You are ready to phone the office for a Report Consult.  You may have your report consult recorded upon request if you live within the US.  There is no additional charge for the recording.

New Prices – Build A Better You Price List “Click Here” Prices good starting October 28, 2016.

Build A Better You.

To Get Your Own Personalized Nutritional Analysis Report & CD through the Build A Better You Program. Call Kathy: (503) 631-4184
Disclaimer: The Build A Better You Wellness Evaluation is an experimental program that is not medically recognized, or designed to treat or diagnose disease, and does not guarantee any specific results. It is an educational tool used to teach the participant health awareness. Any suggestions are for the individual’s personal use only.


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