Many people come to Sunnyside looking for help in putting the pieces of their health together.

To that goal we are truly dedicated.
For educational materials, courses and information on Dr. Brouse's lectures and publications, please contact
Health Education Corporation at (503) 631-4184.  You may also visit
Health Education Corporation on the web.  

2015 Holiday Closures

Thursday, Jan 01
Monday, May 25
Monday, Jul 06
Monday, Sept 07
Wednesday, Nov 25 (close early)
Thursday, Nov 26
Thursday, Dec 24
Welcome to Sunnyside Health Center!

MARCH 2015 SPECIALS for "Spring Cleaning"

20% off a test of your choice:

Environmental Pollutant Panel (Eliminate environmental toxins) $201.60 ($50.40 savings)
Expanded GI Panel (De-Bug!) $388 ($98 savings)
Trace Mineral Analysis (Eliminate heavy metals) $96 ($24 savings)


10% off ALCAT (Eliminate food sensitivities) $765 ($85 savings)

Specials are only valid the month of March 2015. Specials are only offered to active SSHC patients
and must be used within 3 months from date of purchase or become null and void. We do not offer
refunds on specials purchased.